Attending public Gallery Events is a great way to receive messages from deceased loved ones, but if you prefer the more intimate setting of a Private or Family/Group sessions, Suzane offers these sessions in person as well as via Zoom and/or phone. Online attendees will be provided with a recording of the session following your reading. There are NO REFUNDS for sessions.

Use this form to book Upcoming In-Person Private Sessions on February 8th at 4:30pm - Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Book here.


Upcoming In-Person Private Sessions

Private Session

Suzane offers One-on-One Private Sessions for those who wish for a more intimate experience. During your Private Session (which typically lasts 60 minutes), you will have full access to receiving messages from your departed loved ones through Suzane. Of further benefit, Suzane offers Private Sessions both over the phone or via Zoom (whichever is most convenient). You will be provided with a recording of the session following your reading.

A private reading is $600 for one attendee only.

Two-Person Private Session

A Two-Person Session is similar to an Individual Private Session. This may include family/and or friends. During the session, each attendee will have the opportunity to receive messages from their “crossed over” loved ones. The length is approximately 90 minutes depending on the number of departed loved ones and those attending.

A two-person private session is $700 (for two guests). Every additional attendee is $200 per person and needs to be purchased in advance of the session.
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