Radio Appearance – “The Suzane Northrop Show” – Astrology for the Soul – The North Node with Stephanie Shea

  •  Monday, February 6, 2023
     6:00 pm EST - 7:00 pm EST
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What is the North Node and Why is it Important?

The North Node is a mathematical point in the sky formed by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersecting with the Earth’s path around the Sun. In astrology, the North Node represents an energy that will orient us towards success. The meaning of the North Node in astrology has become more widely known ever since Jan Spiller wrote Astrology for the Soul in 1997. On the 25th Anniversary of Astrology for the Soul, I think Jan Spiller would be proud to see how many people have used her book for inspiration in their lives. While Jan Spiller didn’t pioneer the concept of the North Node, her best-selling book has helped millions of people to use knowledge about this powerful astrological point to change their lives.

The North Node contains an astrological energy that will lead us to our most purposeful, fulfilling lives. The point opposite the North Node, called the South Node, contains energies we bring in from a past life. Some of the traits we bring in are gifts, and some of our South Node energy is expressed in unhealthy patterns that were overdone in a past lifetime. Astrology for the Soul focuses on the sign of the North and South Node for clues about tendencies to release and attributes to develop.

What does it mean when the North Node lies in any one of the 12 astrological houses? 

That is precisely the topic of Jan’s final book she started before her passing in 2016. This book, titled, Awakening the Soul’s Purpose, will help people uncover another layer of information about their North Node. The astrological houses are part of everyone’s birth chart and represent different areas of life. By combining knowledge of the astrological sign our North Node is in with what house it’s in, we see what attributes to develop and what areas of life will bring us the greatest lessons. The life lessons we learn through our North Node house placement ultimately pay off in the form of  a life that feels empowered, self-directed, and on-path.

About Stephanie Shea
Stephanie Shea is a Portland, Oregon-based astrologer who had the honor of being mentored by the late Jan Spiller. Stephanie worked under Jan as a content writer for between 2012 mid-2016, when Jan passed. It was Jan’s wish to keep the website going as her legacy and she asked Stephanie and a small team of close friends and family to maintain her site. Stephanie continues to write horoscopes and other astrological forecasts for the site and is currently working on finishing Jan’s final book about the North Node through each astrological house. Learn more and please consider donating to the publishing of this book HERE. To contact Stephanie for a personal astrology reading, email her at

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