Take A Moment to Be Present Today

Take A Moment to Be Present Today

We’re officially in Summer! June 21st was the Summer Solstice and to add an extra punch, it was also a full moon, WOW!

Oh, and yes, it was the longest day of the year. Hurray, it’s summer, I get to sit on my porch and watch the amazing Fireflies, aka Lighting Bugs!

I remember last year seeing a family from Massachusetts who had recently moved to Florida, and they were telling me how since moving they had forgotten how beautiful the lightning bugs/fireflies were. It brought them back to their childhood memories. Once again the amazement of nature. One of the specialties that only happens for a month or so, and only in certain places. If any of you have never seen or experienced a firefly, you must put it on the summer bucket list! Believe it or not, this family is now rethinking snow for fireflies. I’ll keep you posted as the family makes a vote!

In my life, I am forever reminded of the little things that are actually the most significant and cherished moments in our lives.

Realize the importance of sunrises, sunsets, walking on the beach, or hiking with someone you love while having an amazing conversation that you’ll remember forever. Oh lest not forget there are amazing activities in nature even in the city! They’re there, you just need to seek them out.  I know in NYC you can take the train to the beach or places out of the city. Or dance in the streets!

I am always reminded that for many families, spouses, siblings, and children, July does bring up some missing sadness, especially if there is someone who died during military service or is not at home for the July 4th weekend and picnics.  And for that, our moments are even more cherished and important.

For those of you who grew up as I did with someone in the military, it was part of your life.  My mother was president of the American Legion for over 10 years. She did poppies every Memorial Day to all the Veterans.  All of her brothers, plus my father served in the military. For me, it was a big part of my youth.

I’m totally into my flip-flops that I traded in for my boots except when I’m in the garden. Lyme disease is an issue in the Northeast, so extra caution is a must!

My thoughts: enjoy the special moments for we all know they can change at any moment. I’ve got some cool galleries coming up, Cheryl Murphy for one on August 13th, she’ll also be on my July 8th Blog talk show. Of course, I’ll be still doing lots of events including a July 16th online reading gallery – for this I’ll be offering a summer BOGO special, meaning buy one ticket, and bring a friend for free! *Once you buy a ticket, just email me the name and email of your friend joining us. See all upcoming events here.

Have fun in the sun, and be a kid again!



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