Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving 2022

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving 2022

Welcome to the month of Thanks-Giving! Thanks for the appreciation we need to give back for all the blessings we all have.
I know each year as we approach the holidays, so many emotions come to surface. We should deal with that.
Remember memories, and looking forward to more good memories to come.
Memories are personal to each of us, and we all feel different emotions, whether moments of feeling sad or being touched in a way we know is truly important.
Wanting so badly to go back to that time when the feelings are so strong as if it was yesterday. Ah yes, memories.
It’s been my experience that when our loved ones or DPs (dead persons) come into our minds, thoughts and emotions come to the surface. I know it’s not easy, but if we try as best we can move to a place where our grief can lessen. Then we can focus on those memories, and loved ones.
Those special memories (no one can take from you) are always with you. The memories make you laugh or cry. Try to be happy!
Remember…once sitting during a big meal, and your brother or family member wore a stupid tie trying to impress his new girlfriend. Or maybe you remember when the time your sister and her girlfriend tried to make a meal and there was so much smoke in the kitchen that the fire department showed up!  Phew!
I recently was part of a Grief Weekend at Omega with my friend and colleague Dr. Terri Daniels. The weekend went from Friday night through Sunday at noon. Grief, as a Mystical Journey workshop, helps participants move toward internal transformation, rather than focusing on external events. Our educational and therapeutic processes include guided meditation, art, music therapy, family dynamic mapping, interactive group work, and sacred ceremony. Moving the “stuck energy” of grief out of our bodies and into a more spacious, more ventilated emotional landscape happens. Check out Terri’s amazing work: “The Conference on Death, Grief and Belief.”
Recently, during two days of an intense workshop, I walked into a room of people who had cried, laughed, and some had posted photos of loved ones on a wall. Many grieved while holding photographs to their hearts.
All may be remembered just before the holidays when loved ones’ memories come up again. I share this because you all remember the memories, the good and the bad.  Try and remember some of those wonderful moments.
There are so many times, during my events and small family groups, when loved ones focus on DPs.
You may not feel like celebrating holidays that were so priceless to us, our family, and our loved ones. If you really want to honor those days, celebrate as you would have wanted to do.  Focus on those who are not here physically, but those who are in Spirit, and they are here, in everyone’s heart.
I am as always honored to connect with so many of you over the years and continue to do what I love.
Yes, the holidays are coming up.  Know that we’re not alone during this time and bring Love in our lives.
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