Happy December! A Special Time to Connect with Our Departed Loved Ones

Happy December! A Special Time to Connect with Our Departed Loved Ones

In December, so many people want to connect with their departed loved ones, also known as DPs (dead persons). Of course, there are issues and challenges involved in order to make that connection happen.
I know all too well how this time of the year brings up feelings of memories of DPs whom we miss so much. Not being able to see and hug them physically makes those sad emotions even more intense.
However, more than ever at this time of the year, our DPs will try and connect with us. May I suggest that you consider talking (can be telepathic) to your DPs, and/or write them a letter. Let your DPs know how much you need a sign from them during the holidays. Then trust that a sign will appear.
Your DPs will do all they can to let you know that they are around you, and watching over you. The connective experience will most likely occur in a non-dramatic way, but in a way that you will recognize and feel is true. Yes, the experience will resonate. Of course your logical mind will try to undermine the experience later, but trust those first impressions. When the sign comes, you will know it’s your DP sending you love.
I just heard a wonderful story from a grandmother who had longed to hear from her deceased grandson. She was awoken at 2AM in the morning when she actually heard the words, “Grandma! Grandma!”  The experience stunned her out of a deep sleep. But she had her wits about her, and realized that her grandson who was two years old when he died, was contacting her. The kicker was that while he was here physically, he was unable to talk because of an illness. But from the Other Side, such communications can still happen, and are real. Although the grandmother was and still is still grieving, she knows that her grandson had reached out to her. And of course, that made her feel so much better.
I wasn’t surprised when the grandmother told me about her experience. Dreams are the most common way our DPs connect with us. When these experiences occur, our left brain is in the background allowing our right brain, or our intuitive self, to be more heightened and receptive to connecting with our loved ones in Spirit.
For many, it is during these very difficult times in the year 2020 that we want so badly to know that our DPs are around us. Trust me, our DPs realize this, and they will work very hard to let us know that they are around, and thereby lessen our grief.
May I remind you that I have many podcasts on my website where you can go and listen to professionals, authors, and others who have written books, and have shared their own experiences with regard to DPs and grief. The podcasts that are available on my website include over 15 years of my Blog Talk and radio shows.
As always, this year, I will have my December blog-talk show where I give messages as my gift to you. Tune in on Monday December 7th, 6PM EST. My guest will be Sandy Goodman, author of “Love Never Dies: A Mother’s Journey from Loss to Love.”
I send all my Love to everyone during these most difficult times. Please know that Love will see us through.
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