Happy Happy to the Beautiful Fall Foliage!

Happy Happy to the Beautiful Fall Foliage!

Enjoy the colors that are so beautiful. I have always shared that if you haven’t experienced the Fall foliage, especially in the Northeast, please put that event on your calendar. Perhaps you can take a beautiful road trip!
October is of course the setting for Hallow-Eve, more commonly known as Halloween (October 31st). On that special holiday, you can be anything you want to be.
“Samhain” is a significant tradition of Halloween among the Celtics. As millions of children and adults participate in the fun of Halloween on the night of October 31st, few will be aware of its ancient Celtic roots in the Samhain (Samain) festival.
In Celtic Ireland about 2,000 years ago, Samhain was the division of the year between the lighter half (summer) and the darker half (winter). During Samhain, the division between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through.
On Samhain, the family’s ancestors were honored and invited home, whilst harmful spirits were warded off. Some people would wear costumes and masks to disguise themselves as harmful spirits and thus avoid harm.
Bonfires and food played a large part in the Samhain festivities. The bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into a communal fire, and household fires were extinguished and started again from the bonfire.
Food was prepared for the living and the dead. Since food was made for the deceased ancestors who were in no position to eat, the food was ritually shared with those who were less fortunate.
As you can see why I honor Samhain, not just because I’m Irish but because of my connection with the Spirit World, and of course with the DPs (dead persons).
I don’t have to tell you that being dressed up as a witch is probably still close to the number one costume for Halloween. Even with all the new Disney and Techy characters competing!
I have a client whose grandchildren call her a “real official witch,” because she stays in the room of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and Witches.
I can’t find a more beautiful and open way to experience our loved ones in Spirit than from a Grandma while Grandpa is in Spirit.
Meanwhile, children are quite non-judgmental until they’re told to be. So enjoy all the leaves and Fall changes. Be young again!
By the way, Halloween parties are STILL huge for adults who can enjoy and have fun. A costume and a mask can be fun, right?
Nowadays, living has been very hard for so long, for so many of us.   I’m like the rest of you—slowly returning to a bit of contact. I’m doing an in-person event in CT, and I’ll be offering in-person contact in NYC.
Have fun, enjoy the harvest, and as always my thoughts of Love go out to all of you!
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