Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart

February is all about “The matters of the heart.” Just show me the Love!

I can’t help thinking that February, truly being one of the coldest months of the year, is all about Love. I guess St. Valentine must have been in a warm place for celebrating love and matters of the heart.

Although for many parts of the country and world, February is “cold.” But the heart remains always warm.

Valentine’s Day of course can bring up wonderful feelings and also painful ones. Wonderful feelings of course if you have Love in your life, which may not be “just” romantic partnership love, but a significant love in your life: your family, children, friends, and for many, even “fur” beings. After all, who can define what Love is for one person when it may be so different for another?

I have heard for most of my adult life over and over, from loved ones in Spirit, and those loved ones still here in the physical, the word is Love. The deep intense feeling when there is a loss, and how it impacts so much of our lives. How we all have to sometimes work hard on keeping the faith through Love and letting it replace fear. This is not always easy, but necessary for our soul’s growth.

In short, my answer to the many of those emails about fears, of all those questions of what’s going to happen: “Everything Happens for a Reason”. Love, free will, and lessons of the soul.

Through our love we are nurturers, just as Mother Earth needs us to do everything we can, in-sync, with her and share her burden. That is what people do with dreams or passion or Love. We nurture and care.

God helps those who help themselves. We have the free will to do the little things that are the big things that make all those we love and care for make a difference. That includes the earth, trees, and all nature.

This can be as simple as taking bags to the market. There are places with plastic bags you have to pay for. We all do this, I myself have had those moments as well where I forget.

I remember when I worked in Denmark, there were NO bags in stores, period! Remember it can be the little things that are the big things. The ocean that feeds us will be very happy – that is where most plastic ends up.

We know we don’t die, we continue. Our soul’s Love continues with or without a body. But, our bodies are important in our souls’ purpose and learning. Earth is important since Earth is the only place in this “Universe” where we go through the reincarnation process.

The Earth is a wonderful learning experience, just view history and learning is there. History does repeat itself.

We do as well as souls if we need to relearn it right for our soul’s process. I always say there are so many wonderful people who do just this, whatever they can to help someone, who is in need.

Thus, February is the month of Love. Although it’s only a day, I think we do a little stretching and celebrate the whole month.

I’d like to end my newsletter with a dedication to Jess Steinman. To so many who loved her, who shared her journey, and watched her wild ride. She always talked about the rainbow bridge, where I have no doubt she’s hanging with her mom, Bubbie, and kiddies running through the wind. We are grateful to have shared some of that journey with you. You fought a brave battle and now you’re free to fly. Jess was born in the month of Love, February.

With Love,


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