Perspectives from Nature

Perspectives from Nature

Welcome to Fall! From my perspective, during the autumn equinox, there was a full moon rising quite brilliantly in the nighttime sky. I was in the desert at the time and this experience was especially thrilling. If you have not seen a full moon from the desert sands, put that experience on your list of things to do. Of course the sun is magnificent, but the beauty of the moon with its softer light, but equal beauty and boldness in its own right, always energizes me. And this last full moon was something special . . .

I was in the Sonoran desert because I had chosen to hold a workshop at Canyon Ranch Spa. I find that my workshops are always intensified when held in Nature.

At my events held in Nature, I find that it’s important to make those attending aware of the immediate surroundings, and as they stroll around the grounds, observe the animals that may appear. In a way, connecting to the animals – who are so sensitive – is reflective of the way our loved ones on the Other Side let us know of their presence.

My own walks in Nature at the desert retreat generated a number of interesting experiences which I shared with the group. Of special note, one interaction involved my encounter with a family of javelinas (also known as skunk pigs, see While in their presence, I walked calmly, breathed deeply, and for sure didn’t even think of running. As it turned out, this particularly family was quite present for many of the workshop participants who were taking their evening strolls. There was a special personal meaning attached to this experience for me and another woman in the group.

At the workshop, the discussion of javelinas really got the ball rolling. One woman talked about the thrill of seeing a bobcat (which are actually very shy animals). Another woman related her observation of a praying mantis, a species known to battle anything 10 times their own size if they are attacked of feel threatened. This discussion brought out the childhood history of a woman who shared how her brother – who had passed several years ago – had defended her more than once when she had been called names. See how the dots connect?

When I thought we had gotten thru discussing the zodiac of animals, one guy said, “Did you see all the vultures in the tree?” And I said, “Yes, they were huge.” I mentioned to him that vultures are really ugly, but they serve a very important function – they clean up all the garbage! He responded, “We need to send them to Washington!” Everyone agreed. Very funny indeed!

So yes, a wonderful workshop it was, and many connections were made. A lovely way to enter Fall.

While enjoying the colorful beauty of Fall, you can really use this time to think about how you can harvest some of the seeds sown back in the Spring. As you take in the foliage colors, and all of Nature is seemingly dancing, pay attention to whatever thoughts or feelings emerge about your own about life, the paths you’ve taken, the decisions you’ve made, and the journey you are on.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to get ourselves moving, but never underestimate the power of resolving to “Just do it!” Move that energy, and it will move you. You’ll feel better, especially if you can do something that benefits someone else.

I was recently talking to a friend, and we were discussing people who had lost their jobs and/or their way of life. One of the things we hit on was that even if you’re looking and searching for that job or next direction, giving of your own energy to others – for example by visiting someone in the hospital or an elderly person nearby – is a wonderful way to shake up the energy fields and have that visit benefit you as well. Not only do generosity and altruism have their own rewards, you also never know when that redirected energy will spark an encounter and guide you on your path. Tap into that, and you may find yourself becoming empowered.

I know that for many of you, October is a time where there are lots of charity walks in honor of those who are losing or have lost loved ones to cancer. Members of many organizations donate their time and energy to this effort. I have always had tremendous respect for those who tirelessly follow their passions and donate their time for what they feel in their hearts is important. And there is no doubt that this kind of benevolent energy does in fact make a difference not only in the hearts of those here, but also to our loved ones on the Other Side. For those of you on this path, keep up the good work!

Enjoy this wonderful Fall! I look forward to connecting with my many of you in my autumn travels.

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