Spectral Review with Dr. Gary Schwartz: There is Life After Death

A Harvard educated psychiatrist, Dr Gary E Schwartz, PhD, Professor Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health,  has established what he claims is conclusive scientific proof of life after death. Dr Gary E Schwartz, who also held a position at Yale, said he was skeptical

Wanted: by Dead and Alive

Medium Suzane Northrop has a Long Waiting List and Lots of Dead Connections by Colleen Dougher-Telcik Don’t try to make an appointment with Suzane Northrop.  She’s booked for years to come. In the livingroom of her New York City apartment, she has boxes of mail from people who want her help. Why are so many

Sana Con La Energía del Equinoccio y El Amor

El Sol de México 19 de marzo de 2011 Cindi E. Islas Miranda / El Sol de México Ciudad de México.- Con el objetivo de brindar la oportunidad de sanar tanto mental, física y espiritualmente, así como aprovechar la energía de uno de los días más importantes del año: el solsticio de primavera, en el

Satiama Interview with Suzane Northrop

Karen Stuth, co-founder of, interviews Medium and Bereavement Expert, Suzane Northrop. To listen to the full interview, simply click on the link below:

THE WAVE Exclusive – Suzane Northrop Communicates with The Beyond

When unexpectedly losing a loved one, we always feel a sense of unfinished business left with that person, and wish we could contact them just one last time to tell them how we feel and say goodbye. That’s just what acclaimed medium and expert in psychic phenomena Suzane Northrop does. Through Suzane, you can contact

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