Spectral Review with Dr. Gary Schwartz: There is Life After Death

Spectral Review with Dr. Gary Schwartz: There is Life After Death

A Harvard educated psychiatrist, Dr Gary E Schwartz, PhD, Professor Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health,  has established what he claims is conclusive scientific proof of life after death.

Dr Gary E Schwartz, who also held a position at Yale, said he was skeptical of even the most remote possibility of communicating with the afterlife. But after a series of strictly controlled experiments with five top mediums, he has become a committed believer.

“I can no longer ignore the data” said Dr Schwartz after the tests at his University of Arizona Human Energy Systems Laboratory.

“This is as real as the sun, the trees and our television sets which seem to pull pictures out of the air.”

“Of the approximately thirty skilled mediums I have tested scientifically for more

than a decade, Suzane stands out among the best. Not only are her readings typically highly accurate, specific and meaningful, but she provides the information in a manner that combines love and compassion with strength and conviction.

Suzane’s books and lectures are sophisticated as well as inspirational. Her integrity and sense of responsibility are exemplary.

If anyone has convinced me about the reality of mediumship and the promise of a greater spiritual reality, it is Suzane.

I fully support the work of Suzane… I have been present and witnessed her gifted abilities to communicate with the spirit world. She is truly authentic.”

The research that Dr Schwartz performed was made into the hit HBO documentary Life Afterlife.

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