Thank you for the important work that you do and for the amazing experience.

I recently attended Suzane’s Gallery Reading in Marlborough, MA. This was my first time in a small setting and my first time getting a personal reading from my loved ones. I came to this event in the hopes of connecting with my mother who has been passed for 20 years. I have always known the truth of the other world and have special gifts of intuition myself that I haven’t learned what to do with yet. My mother and I have had a very special relationship since she’s been gone, and I finally wanted to communicate with her in different way.

It’s really not in my nature to write this kind of note, but I felt compelled to acknowledge this special gift I was given and also to write out loud how BAD I was at it….LOL

Going into something like this, I guess I had a preconceived notion that I would go in and hear all my validations and have an understanding of everything. What I learned from this experience is that just as it takes practice for spirits to learn how to communicate effectively with us, it also takes practice from our end to understand how to interpret the information and to alter our thinking to a different perspective.

From the very start of the session I felt so relaxed and filled with so much love. But my mind just went blank. I totally spaced on so many important validations, easy things that after listing to the audio recording (of the Gallery Reading) I couldn’t believe I missed.

First of all, I want to Suzane so much for bringing me such important and loving messages from my mother and my cousin Jeff. It was a joy hearing from them again. However, I feel like there is so much that Suzane was delivering that I missed. There were truly so many, so I just mention a few here.

It was so funny, my sister listened to the audio recording (of the Gallery Reading) and pointed out that if I was on a roll and validating info, Suzane kept going. But as soon as I wasn’t sure or had to think for a minute, the spirits didn’t wait for me to figure it out, they just moved on to the next person, but kept trying again. How frustrating it must have been for them!

From the very beginning Suzane kept saying she was hearing the name William. No one in the circle could validate that name. Of course, spacy me didn’t acknowledge the fact that my living dad is named William and that my mother might have been trying to come through to acknowledge him. She eventually did, but she definitely had to take the long road with me.

Also, at one point Suzane asked the group why she smelled roses so strong in two places. And someone else spoke up, but immediately after that comment, Suzane said to me, your mother is named Theresa, not St. Theresa, that’s her name correct? And I said yes. I never asked Suzane and have no idea why she would have said St. Theresa, but on earth my mother was a very strong Italian Catholic and she identified with St. Theresa. She prayed to her all the time and had statues of her around our home. St. Theresa was always holding roses in her photos. Not to mention later on Suzane said my mom was with a mother or aunt vibration and I had no idea who that was. Not thinking of the fact that she was probably with my great grandmother ROSE.

The next day, I was sitting at my desk in my office and something just hit me to look in my wallet. I looked in a compartment I never go into and there was my mother’s old prayer card to St. Theresa holding roses. I completely forgot it was in there from years ago. I feel that my mom was just making double sure I got the fact she was there that night.

I also thought it was funny how all ten people in that room that night were from strong Italian Catholic families. I wonder if they are all hanging out together in the other world. I wanted to say you thank you for the important work that you do and for the amazing experience. I feel like I need a “do over” and promised my mom I’ll do better the second time around LOL

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