The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

Someone came up to me last year and mentioned how she loved my newsletters, especially my nature/weather report! I thought that was so very interesting since people across the country watch the weather channel which usually includes what’s going on in places outside their areas, so the information is readily available. But this woman was getting information on the Northeast from me. She said, “Yeah I really got to know what was going on in there.” Well, this year most folks in the Northeast are a bit tired of that beautiful white stuff, not to mention the ice that would not melt! As I write, it is late March, and snow is still covering much of the ground . . . but I know underneath, there are buds!

That being said, is the knowledge that the buds are ready to rise from under the snow very much different from someone questioning whether or not they have had a visit from their loved one in Spirit? I mean, do you actually have to see something to know it’s true?

I look out at the snow and I know that there are green buds a coming, even if at this moment I can’t see them. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to prove to them that your loved ones in Spirit are around, when you know it to be true. If you feel it in your heart, that should be enough. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And there is no need to have to prove it to a disbeliever, skeptic, or cynic. Know in your heart that your loved ones in Spirit do visit you and send you messages, if that is what you have experienced. Trust your inner guide.

Ever get an idea, or feel love? Would anyone challenge you to “Show me your idea?” or, “Prove to that there is love?” If they did, what would be your response? Something along the lines of . . . well, you can fill in the blanks.

Indeed, many have been trying to prove the existence of God for centuries, to no avail. Ask the atheists. But the “God” energy/consciousness is there to be felt if that is what you are searching for, and are open.

For many, April is a time to celebrate Easter or Passover. I have always said, whether or not one holiday or the other is part of your belief system, there is without question a wonderful energy to tune in to, in each instance. If these holidays are important to you, be thankful for those you can share them with. If the holidays don’t mean that much, rejoice anyway!

There is power in numbers. When there are masses who believe in one philosophy, that consciousness radiates throughout the world.

And don’t ever think that the power of prayer – especially collective prayer – isn’t profound, or that it doesn’t work. I have from the beginning of my teaching days engaged in prayer circles, and there is often a wonderful healing that occurs, be it mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Prayer works!

You will be able to find (or perhaps you already have known) many folks who have turned to prayer and (for example) experienced more successful surgeries, faster healing time, and/or an overall better recovery. Many a prayer group has helped bring home a soldier safety, or found a beloved pet that was lost, I am sure.

In a recent workshop of mine, a woman had been given a message from a friend’s son who had been in a near-fatal accident. He was in a coma and not expected to come out of the coma. Plus, the prognosis was that had he lived, he would have had to have his leg removed. But the young man kept giving this woman the message he was going to be alright. She went to the hospital with a friend and sat by his bedside, and told him out loud: “It’s time for you to snap out of this. I know you can. Come back to us. You told me so, and I’m trusting you.” Well, believe it or not, within twenty-four hours, the young man came out of his coma, didn’t have to have his leg removed, and was well on his way to healing.

I told the woman (that which she clearly knew), “He came to you with the message because he knew you’d be the one to carry it forward.” Needless to say, everyone in the room listening to this story just sat there stunned.

Once again, just because something doesn’t look like it’s happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t. In the story above, it is clear that the woman’s words helped changed everything, and her words had been given to her by the man in the coma. He, or more accurately, his soul, knew the right person to go to. And there he went, which facilitated his recovery.

That is the kind of magic that often is revealed at my workshops. I have seen many such occurrences but in this instance, even I was deeply touched by (once again) how the power of Love can do so much. Love is the strongest force on Earth, stronger than fear. It is, always has been, and always will be what truly drives us all, in one way or another.

Enjoy the belated change of to Spring. As always, I am grateful that I will be able to connect in different ways to so many of you in my upcoming travels.

I will end by saying that . . . April snow-showers will bring May flowers. Not exactly the forecast we’d like to hear, but, it will do for now!

As always, looking forward to seeing so many of you this Spring. Check my website for upcoming events.

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