Embracing Divine Blessings During the Month of Thanks

Embracing Divine Blessings During the Month of Thanks

It’s where we all connect with family, and friends for food and laughter, but most importantly, Love.

Sharing our bounty is needed and sharing the needed Love, where Love is needed everywhere.

Specifically, we are all needed to help heal and give in any way we can to those who need. We are, after all, at a call to do service.

And of course, there are so many ways we can do that. Yes, it doesn’t have to be magnitude. Things can be a simple task of helping someone who is struggling with a package who is elderly. Or giving a smile to someone you just feel. The ways are endless and what better way to share than during “Thanks-giving”.

I had the privilege to work once again with Terri Daniel, and her co-worker Heather, at Omega, for a two-and-a-half-day intensive of grief. Terri is an expert in doing a weekend of sharing in a non-traditional aspect, a beautiful way of grief sharing.

I was asked to end Saturday night with messages for all the attendees of loved ones who had spent the whole weekend crying, laughing, drawing pictures, and sharing photos of loved ones. To say that it was a night to remember is an understatement. I was honored to be part of the event. This is important work, and if you ever have the need or want, it’s a special event. It would be a truly “Thanks-giving” weekend to remember.

There are so many times during events or small family groups that the loved ones, who passed or DPs (dead persons) state strongly, very strongly. You may not feel like celebrating those holidays that were so priceless to us–our family, our loved ones. But don’t you dare! If you really want to honor those, then celebrate as they would have wanted you to do. They are here, in spirit. Memories are most important in everyone’s heart.

On another note, I will be doing my own traveling this month to the West Coast – Encinitas on November 8th and LA on the 15th. I’m so looking forward to going to California, I haven’t been there since the pandemic.

The holidays for November and December I’ll be doing many holiday events.

I’m so aware as you are all that there are many things going on in the world and at home.

Keep sending out much-needed Love when possible in our own circles and community. We can always find a place to share what we all care about: family, Love and simple things, beautiful trees, winter walks in parks, and other trails.

Saying “Hi” when we meet those on our walks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Warmly with Love,


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