Take Care of Those You Love

Take Care of Those You Love

December is the month when we are coming to the end of the year. The month when so many, many thoughts, emotions, and memories come to the surface. Of course so many are wonderful, while others are sad, feeling lost, missing loved ones…and if this was a thesaurus of every emotion, it would fill this newsletter with a three-page addition.

Please if you never ever think of not doing what I’m now going to share with you, think more than twice. I am, as most of you know, a private person, but I share my personal life when I think it’s important where it personally affects another’s life.

Last month my sister’s life partner died. Very sad for all who knew him, the nicest guy you could ever meet. However, he died without a will, my sister didn’t know his passwords, his bank accounts, and credit cards, and on top of that, she has no home. This goes without knowing the “important” things after 39 years together! He totally did everything for her, except at the end, she was left with a mess. Honesty, it is both of their blame and responsibility to never think in your 60’s nothing is going to happen! On top of that they were NOT married…no protection by law. Need I say more?

Every lecture I have ever given over the last 40 years, the most important words I share: have your affairs in order. Go ask some of your friends about the horror stories financial advisors and lawyers deal with. I have said it thousands of times, my work is not about our dps, but rather the living that are left with no manual to go forth in their lives.

I ask, beg, please, if there is a gift to give for this holiday, take care of those you love, by taking care of your affairs so they don’t have to go through this nightmare my sister is going through.

I started out this newsletter with all the emotions of December and it is my hope you start the New Year by doing what’s the most important thing you can do, take care of those you love, if your death affects their lives. By the way, people think “wills” are about money, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your “will” affects many members of your family. There are so many factors you can’t possibly think about without professional guidance.

I’m looking forward to some very cool and loving connections for December and January coming up. I’m doing two in-person events with Thomas John (Sturbridge, MA on December 7th and Boca Raton, FL on January 31st), plus an Online Gallery with Cheryl Murphy on December 20th, just to name a few.

Love to everyone for all December of love, holidays, and sharing with those who need connections, hugs, and a smile!




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