February, Thinking of Love, and Matters of the Heart

February, Thinking of Love, and Matters of the Heart

Each month when I write my newsletters, now more than twenty years of writing, I reflect on past months. Going through all these years, words written and moments that inspire me for that month. So February is the month of Love, and matters of the heart.
Although I’d like to say every month is connected to Love in one way or the other, February is the month of the heart.
Naturally, with the month of February’s focus on Love, I often find a theme or event in February that hits me in a particular way.
First let me be clear, I’m writing about a subject, or rather a movie, I have not seen. I’ve only seen clips and the interviews of the actors in the movie. Things that have left me with an emotional response. Although I believe Love will conquer pain, there are moments that need another kind of Love and support.
I’m talking about the movie, “Son,” with Hugh Jackson and Laura Dern. I’m sure there is not a parent, or any of us as children, that could not relate to this movie. Of course without going into all the specifics, their son is very, very troubled, and even a suicidal young man. In all of this, there comes a point where all they can do is realize that not even Love is enough.
Of course, Love impels them to do all they can. They realize so many other measures. One deals with us as a parent. And what many of us have felt as children need addressing. However, an important point is Love will affect every parent to do all they can.
In saying all that, I meet so many of you who have struggled and have gone beyond the call as parents doing all you can.
If you when you were younger, you went through difficulties as a young person and made it through, honor yourself through your journeys for fighting forward.
February, ah yes. The month of Love, stands with us through all our trials, tribulations, and parts of our lives. I will always believe it will in one way, or the other, prevail like nothing else.
Get those Valentines, make your own, drawn hearts and think Love, Love, Love…which makes the world go around.
My heart goes out to all of you this month, February, and always!
Here are a couple of my upcoming adventures of sharing my heart and love of connecting with other mediums to give you a dual-evening of messages: Medium Cheryl Murphy on February 9th and Thomas John on February 27th.
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