Reconnecting with Dad

Reconnecting with Dad

June is here! Weddings, graduations, celebrations, and Spring Equinox!
It seems as though many who have been wanting to have their weddings in June are getting their wishes this year.
Soon, I have a wedding to attend, and actually, I’m officiating. Here’s the story.
Twenty-eight years ago, a friend of mine named Sherri asked me to marry her sister Amy to David. Which I did. Amy and David have two daughters, Kayla and Danielle.
Amy’s wedding was a very heartfelt occasion since their mom had crossed over not long before. Still, Amy’s wedding was very successful.
And now, Amy’s daughter Kayla has asked me if I would marry her to her beau, Sean! How sweet it is. I don’t think it’s too often that one gets to marry the daughter of her parents, 28 years later after officiating the wedding of Amy and David.
Thus…June is certainly happening for weddings! I’m sure I’m not the only one to be part of a June wedding this year!
On another note, of course, June 21 is the Spring Equinox. I am also sure that many folks have loved this past Spring, while Summer is coming. How could you not have enjoyed the Spring? Everything now is in bloom, during mostly perfect weather.
Yes, now it’s June. Time to shed clothes and shoes and just have a skip in your step.
So much is going on in June, and of course, the biggest occasion for many is Father’s Day. If your father has passed, consider honoring him in your own way, if you wish. If you have lost a loved one during June, try to think positively. The Spirit World is a better place.
Interestingly enough, I’m marrying Sheri’s daughter who is also named Amy, and her beau Sean, on the day before my mom’s birthday. How could I not think of my mom on that day? Still, there will be a wonderful celebration to be had. Will think of my mom in my heart.
Enjoy this wonderful time of the year, and make sure you get outside to lavish in June.
Note that I am doing a few in-person sessions and small groups which of course are all listed on my website.
Love to all of you,
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