Spending Summer with Loved Ones (here and in Spirit)

Spending Summer with Loved Ones (here and in Spirit)

We are officially in Summer! I know I’m not the only one who says, “Bring Ms. Summer on!”
It’s worth repeating that the Summer Solstice was June 21st—the longest day of the year when the northern pole of Earth is pointing close to the sun. Afterwards, the northern pole starts reversing its motion moving back toward its wintertime position. Enjoy the Summer while it lasts.
Summer is the warmest time, and of course, the weather has its connection with the sun. Summer gives us a good reason to celebrate!  And we shall celebrate on the 4th of July.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are many folks out there who feel a bittersweet holiday, given the loss of loved ones. Still, if you love others in Spirit, and especially those who served in the military, you can feel the connection.
I was recently having a discussion with friends about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Interestingly, some knew the difference while others didn’t. However, I have NO doubt everyone knows July 4, 1776 was the birth of America.
Of course, if you’re an Astrology buff, you’ve researched the birth of the USA. And if you hadn’t, you might find it really interesting especially in light of the current climate.
I am always amazed how many folks travel to see magnificent places that many Americans have not seen.  It is still a time most friends and families want to get together at parks and lakes or take short trips to the many beautiful parks that the USA has to offer. I’m guessing Ms.Yellowstone is kicking up her heels right now, making that visit a little challenging.
My neighbor Ned traveled with his family for his 60th birthday. They were stunned, amazed, and overwhelmed by the beauty and nature of her finest.
I know there may be a challenge this year with the price of gasoline, but there are so many who can find a way. Friends who camp a lot always have great ideas on how to cut corners and still enjoy the outdoors.
I love, love, love talking about the wonders of Nature, and how our loved ones in Spirit so often show up when we’re listening to the birds, taking walks, picking flowers from the garden, or just gazing at the night skies and morning sunshine.
Enjoy the Summer and take it all in! As for me, I will be enjoying Summer right along with you. I’ll also be doing some in-person sessions, and of course, Zooming as well. There also are some cool webinars to check out – you can see my full list here. And yes, I too will be enjoying my garden this Summer as well!
Warmth and love,
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